Awaiting the Olive Harvest

While we await the harvest—counting down the days—we are marveling at the blissful September weather and at the rebounding of the flowers after some punishing heat in August.

The flower that loves the breezes is gaura, pink and white. Sage and catmint are good survivors, too. They come back to greet us every year. With such an extensive garden, perennial plants rule. Visible in the first photo, are several olive trees, while below them, the boxwood topiary balls and hedge are remnants of the old formal garden that once existed here. We love the contrast of the formal element and the soft, blowsy flowers. In the second photo, a glimpse of some of our big lemon pots. One we’ve had for thirteen years. We love the gaura against the colors of the house. (When I took this photo on my iPhone and looked at it in my photo library, it had a star above the “i” and identified it as “Art Work.”)