Holiday Fan Mail!


(Willie’s first olive harvest, 2011)

(Willie’s first olive harvest, 2011)


We’ve finished our Holiday Delivery—once again—of Bramasole Olive Oil, sending cases to Melbourne, Australia and Abu Dhabi, UAE, to Charlotte, North Carolina and Ypsonas, Cyprus, to San Diego, California and Granbury, Texas. We’ve imagined the cases being opened all over the world, twelve bottles like the twelve days of Christmas, the twisting off of thousands and thousands of bottle tops, the fresh-green oil on salads and bruschetta and oven-roasted fennel. Thank you all for this special image—it has brightened up our days.

We love to hear your comments on our oil. Here’s what long-time customer Scott Munro from Vancouver, Canada wrote to us: “The oil is amazing, as always. My family has grown accustomed to the welcome dose of sunshine on our palates in the midst of our grey and wet Vancouver Decembers. Your oil is an integral part of our daily lives and we never want to be without it. We are very grateful for the work that you and your team put into bringing such pleasure to us. Your oil, for the happiness it brings, is one of my favourites and an incredible bargain.” Thank you, Scott! Health and Happiness—is there anything better?

Bernie and Mary McKay from Celebration, Florida, gifted their son in New Zealand a last-minute case for Christmas and it arrived in the nick of time. “We are devoted fans,” they wrote, “of Bramasole olive oil.  (And all things Under the Tuscan Sun.). We bought a case for ourselves last Spring and demolished it, enjoying every extraordinary drop in every much-improved recipe. We ordered a new case for ourselves this morning, which will arrive in January, which we look forward to.”

And another Canadian, from Toronto, Carla Martella, sent this in: “Grazie mille Edward and Frances for all your hard work!! I am so thrilled that I received my case of oil yesterday! From the picking to the packaging, amazing! Can't thank you enough for making this happen before the holidays! Now I am going to wrap up the bottles and share this ‘liquid gold.’ The wood boxes are supplied by our local liquor store for gift giving. Of course, everyone expects to see a bottle of alcohol, but when they see your olive oil, they are even happier. I have been telling the story of ordering in November and how great the shipping was!! So far, three packages have been delivered, and I am getting great reviews!!”


Now we’re getting ready to start shipments on cases of bottles and cans (the 500ml and the 3-liter) on January 4. And just to remind everyone, we offer continuous ordering throughout the year, so you’ll never be without Bramasole Olive Oil and we’ll deliver it to you within a week of your order. We have gift cards available, too, for birthdays and other special times.