The Health Benefits of Bramasole Olive Oil

“No food or medicine can do what olive oil can do. Here’s why.”
Mary Flynn, a nutrition researcher and founder of the nonprofit Olive Oil Health Initiative at Brown University.

As many of you know by now, Frances and I try (at all appropriate moments) to extol to the world the health benefits of Bramasole Olive Oil. It’s turning out we’re not the only ones. Many of you, our loyal customers, our emissaries of good health, have been praising our oil for years, and a number have sent us articles about the Mediterranean diet and the important place of EVOO in it. I wanted to share some of these articles with you today.

Thank you Julie B. for sending us an article from National Geographic (November 6, 2023) with the headline above and this as the subtitle: “Scientists say adding more olive oil to your diet can positively impact your health in many ways, from alleviating high blood pressure to helping with weight loss.” The article goes on to state: “Most people know that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest eating plans because it’s chock full of fruits and vegetables. But many experts say the under-appreciated secret sauce in the diet is its liberal use of extra virgin olive oil as the primary added fat.” The author, Meryl Davids Landau, gets it right, much more than most articles I’ve read (and I’ve read hundreds).

Barry G. sent a recent piece from the New York Times, “How to Follow the Mediterranean Diet,” by Alice Callahan. Barry pointed out that extra virgin olive oil gets short-shrift in the article, one mention, when it’s the primary ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. It again shows the general public’s lack of knowledge about EVOO!

Lastly, Linda B. attached a Wall Street Journal article, “Are Seed Oils Bad for You? What to Know About the Oils You Cook With” by Andrea Petersen, and pointed out this sentence: “Unlike olive oil, seed oils tend to be more processed. They are often produced with both high heat and chemical solvents.” I agree with Linda that even mentioning olive oil in the same sentence as seed oil is ridiculous, saying that seed oil is more processed, as if EVOO is processed at all.