We've arrived at Bramasole!

Lots to see and lots to do. We are witnesses again to this wondrous Italian spring that will stretch all the way to the end of June. Driving up to Cortona from Rome in the early morning, Frances snaps this from the car window, the umbrella pines posing in the distance.

Hillsides alive with ginestra, the beginnings of poppies, and all manner of wildflowers. We have several startling patches of wild, tall indigo irises on the hillsides.

Our lemons are out and survived the winter well. Several are laden with fruit. We’re perking up the lemon walk with more boxwood topiary. The big garden news is that a big bad wolf was spotted chasing a small deer—capriolo—across our terraces!

We walk to Cortona, alive and well and hopping. A meeting of vintage vespa owners on the steps.

Our friend Gilda has left us lasagne and chicken with artichokes, a bottle of chilled prosecco, and pastries.

A British friend here has invited us to her Coronation Party, and Frances is supposed to wear a tiara. Or maybe one of those ridiculous hats! Hope they don’t serve spotted dick.

Frances takes a photo at day’s end of the moon shining into our windows.