We Won Gold!

Our current harvest oil was praised by judges at the 2022 New York International Olive Oil Competition for its tastes of almond, green pepper, arugula, artichoke, and herbs

Under the Tuscan sun

Award-winning extra-virgin olive oil


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We’re happy to announce our partnership with Vietri, the legendary Italian ceramics designer. Their line of olive oil products perfectly complements our 0.5 and 3 liter cans!
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our award-winning olive oil

Producing oil since the early 1990's, our blend from frantoio, moraiolo, and leccino trees consistently wins medals at the New York International Olive Oil Competition, including a gold medal in 2021. Our EVOO has tasting sensations of herbs, almond, green pepper, chicory, and olive leaf.

the reviews are in


We have received your wonderful olive oil! I gave it to my husband as a Christmas gift and he is over the moon about it! We are all in love with the flavor, the beautiful labels, and the care with which the bottles were packaged and shipped. Thank you for producing such a gorgeous product!

Krista Callas
Longmont, Colorado

Just want you to know that my oil shipment arrived today and I could hardly wait to tear open the box for a sample.  I set up my own oil tasting experience by lining up all of the oils I currently use alongside of the Bramasole oil—no contest. Your oil won hands down!  I am so delighted to have these green tins of treasure back in my life again.  With the huge drop in our Canadian dollar compared to the US dollar—this is like tasting gold!  Many thanks.

Janice Bell
Okanagan Centre, BC, Canada

Our Bramasole oil arrived today and we tasted it this evening—superb!!

Patricia Teller & Barry Mundis
Dallastown, Pennsylvania

I just received my case of your wonderful oil. We enjoyed every drop of last year's bottles. I had intended to give many as gifts but ended up using most of it at home. Thanks again and best wishes to you and Frances. I'm a long time fan.

Melody Bjorklund
East Hanover, New Jersey, USA

I opened one of the new bottles right away, even though I still have a few small cans from last year's oil. The smell is so wonderful, and it was so beautiful and green as I poured some on my hummus. I had sliced some Vermont super-sharp cheese, which is wonderful dipped in the oil. I also put it on my popcorn. I have introduced some of my friends to your oil, and have given them several liters, so gave them a bottle to take home after their visit yesterday. My friend's email, excerpted below, came about 30 minutes after yours today. "We made a salad when we got home...expressly for the purpose of testing the Bramasole.  But, first, we each took a tee-tiny taste—and could not believe the rush of flavor!  Undoubtedly 'oooohh, peppery' was both our response, as we nearly fainted from the overwhelming deliciousness!

Amy Brassieur
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

This is my first year as a Convivium member and I absolutely love your olive oil. Getting freshly pressed olive oil is quite special. I had the opportunity a few years ago to go with my friend in Tuscany to the local olive press where he presses his harvest and see the whole process. I was lucky enough to get some olive oil from him that year, but it is nearly impossible to find truly fresh olive oil in the US.  I live in Atlanta and my shipment arrived on Monday, much earlier than I had expected—what a nice surprise! The shipping was very fast—my package left Italy on November 9 and arrived here on November 12.  Thank you for offering this program. I couldn't be more happy with my olive oil.

Robin Yezzi
Smyrna, Georgia

My oil arrived safely and in excellent condition. I opened a bottle immediately and took a tablespoon full!!!! That delicious peppery bite was there and my taste buds were in heaven. No kidding, this years harvest is wonderful. I am afraid I may have to order more. Thank you for inquiring about the delivery and taking so much care in making sure everything was perfect. What a terrific product and how lucky I am to be on the member list.

Jann Mumford
Crystal River, Florida

When I give bottles of your fabulous oil as gifts for Christmas, they are received with tremendous gratitude!!

Anita F.
Sherman Oaks, CA

My case came today. Wow. First-time buyer and now an absolute convert. I immediately dipped some bread in some, and the taste is amazing. I have a feeling I’ll be buying another case after the holidays.

Erica Smith
Houston, TX